FEES – There will be no hidden costs or nasty surprises!

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  1. We give you fixed fees in writing
  2. Advice policy /risk management / practice standards
  3. Solicitor & Barrister (counsel) legal team – When to brief counsel?
  4. Why do fees vary?
  5. In general legal matters / Conveyancing / Wills & power of attorney (POA)
  6. Lawyers Consultation fee structure (except Migration)
  7. Criminal & Traffic Cases
  8. Migration Fees – In Australia
  9. Family law fees
  10. Disbursements
  11. Disclosure pursuant to the Legal Profession Uniform Law (LPUL)

A fixed price

For legal matters that are clear and straightforward, such as some visa matters, wills, divorce agreements, A simple agreement we can provide a flat fee. Make sure that you know what the costs do and do not cover. Additional expenses such as filing fees may not be included.

An hourly rate

The most common cost arrangement where the lawyer charges an agreed-upon rate according to the hours spent working on a legal matter up until its resolution. The hourly rate may depend on the location of the lawyer’s practice, their seniority and their expertise in the matter. Experienced lawyers in smaller or rural towns can typically charge from $200 to 400 per hour while those in major urban areas can charge from $300 to $500 per hour.

How do we charge and our fees based on time (hourly rate);

Where it is not possible to identify a particular stage to provide you a fixed we will charge an hourly rate as noted below.

Those members of the firm that work on your matter will record the time they spend and charge according to the following rates.


Hourly rate of


exclusive of GST

Senior Associate

Hourly rate of


exclusive of GST


Hourly rate of


exclusive of GST


Hourly rate of


exclusive of GST


Hourly rate of


exclusive of GST

  • The firm’s fees are determined by applying these hourly rates to the units of time recorded by each staff member on your matter. Time is recorded in 6-minute units e.g. the time charged for a phone call of up to 6 minutes will be 6 minutes and the time charged for an attendance between 6 and 12 minutes will be 12 minutes.
  • Once the fee reaches 500 or 100 we will send you an invoice/receipt.

A Mix of fixed fee and hourly rate

In certain instances, we may have to charge a mixture of both fixed fees and hourly rate. We will charge a fixed fee where it is possible to identify a fixed set of work to be completed and an hourly charge where the matters that arise are not clear, straightforward or in situation where it is not possible to identify a fix set work or the time it will take. The hourly rates to be charged will be indicated in the cost disclosure provided to you.

1. We give you fixed fees in writing

  • So there will be no hidden costs or nasty surprises. (no hourly rate fees)
  • A fixed fee is simply that – a fee that is fixed.
  • We offer competitive fixed fees – feel free to compare with competitors of equal standards
  • Our practice is to assess your circumstances and provide you a fixed fee for each stage
  • Before we start a matter we will provide you with a fee estimation in writing.
  • If the scope of the matter changes we will keep you informed in writing

2. Advice policy /risk management / practice standards

Our lawyers will advise you after understanding in detail your circumstances. It is our policy to provide legal advice once we have conducted a full intake and consultation in which we will conduct an assessment (and take written notes). This policy enables our lawyers to provide you with the best and most accurate legal advice.

3. Solicitor & Barrister (counsel) legal team – When to brief counsel?

As your legal practitioner we may advice you and appear in court on behalf of you and at times engage and brief counsel on how to proceed while in court.

As legal practitioners we will obtain all relevant details from you (‘take instructions’), assess the case, and provide advice. In circumstances and especially where litigation is probable, in consultation, select a counsel (barrister) with appropriate skills and experience in the area of law involved.

As your instructing solicitor, we may need to prepare a brief to counsel. When acting in your best interest and to obtain a successful outcome, it may be vital that counsel is briefed and opinion’s obtained. Courts have indicated that it is the duty of the instructor to seek a stay if counsel’s absence would not be in the interest of the client.

In certain cases it is vital to get the right legal team with counsel at an early stage particularly in the development of legal strategy; otherwise you whole case would be in jeopardy!
This situation is very similar to obtaining expert medical advice, where individuals are first referred to a medical specialist via their general practitioner.

Your ‘instructing solicitor’ will advise you if a barrister should also be engaged. Similar to the medical analogy, early briefing of a barrister is often of distinct advantage to an early/favourable resolution.

Once the case is underway, the barrister and instructing solicitor will work in consultation.

4. Why do fees vary?

  • Due to the level of experience – We have more than 20 years of combined legal experience.
  • the specific difficulties or complexities of a particular case – We think out of the box to get you the result !
  • the costs associated with running a business or practice – We are note not an expensive city law firm but a mid-level professional suburban law firm
  • the desire of the applicant for higher professional service – apart from our own professional standards are governed by the legal profession uniform law
  • the current marketplace fee levels – Our fees are competitive in line with market rates considering our expertise levels

5. In general legal matters / Conveyancing / Wills & power of attorney (POA)

Conveyance matters880 – 990 (estimated professional fee)


Type of Will

 Price (Excl GST)

*Promotion Price (Excl GST)

Single Will (Basic)



Husband & Wife (Mirror Wills – basic)



Complex Wills




Power of Attorney Price Estimation

Type of POA

(Excl GST)

*Promotion Price (Excl GST)  

Enduring POA



General Non-Enduring POA



Supportive POA




Medical Treatment Planning – Price Estimation


Price (Excl GST)

*Promotion Price (Excl GST)

Medical Treatment Decision-maker appointment



Advanced care directive




Packages for Wills and POA – Price Estimation


Documents being drafted

Price (Excl GST)

*Promotion Price (Excl GST)

Single (basic will)



-Enduring POA

-Medical Treatment Decision Maker

-Advance Care Directive



Husband and Wife
(basic will)

2 x Wills

2 x Enduring POA



Husband and Wife – complex matters and smarter Wills.

If it is a complex matter

Prices TBA – given the complexity prices may vary

Prices TBA – given the complexity prices may vary


* Promotion Price – T & C’s: Available only during a publicly advertised promotional period with the promo: code. Will be subject to relevant T & C’s.  We may offer this price for long term clients or registered clients from time to time, in special promotional campaigns. No current promotion at this time.

NOTE: All prices listed above exclude GST. If your matter is complex and requires additional work the prices quoted would be reassessed dependant on your matter.

Complimentary service – Clients now have the ability to register themselves with our offices and nominate us as their legal representative. This promotes convenience in times when you require legal assistance on short notice as you will already be a registered client on our systems.

Call out fees:

We charge a call out fee of $220 (excl. GST) to locations within 20km of our Chelsea Heights and Dandenong Office – 1 hr consultation time

We charge a call out fee of $330 (excl. GST) to locations within 40km of Melbourne CBD – 1 hr consultation time

Hourly rate charges will apply if the 1 hr consultation time is exceeded.

6. Lawyers Consultation fee structure

Senior Solicitor

440 per hour

Junior Solicitor

330 per hour

Law Clerk

110 per hour

Note: In a large firm, you would expect much higher charge out rates such as:

Partner: 600 TO 800 per hour
Special Counsel: 600 per hour
Senior Associate: 500 per hour
Junior Solicitor: 400 per hour

7. Criminal & Traffic Cases

Family violence safety notices / Intervention orders 
Initial conference330
Appearance at a Mention hearing (1st date)
  • Half a day before 12pm – 660Aud
  • Full day pass 12pm – 990Aud
  • Full day and finalising the matter with or without admission to an intervention or 1200Aud


Guilty pleas – if you wish to plead guilty in court

For non-complex matters
We will provide a fixed fees after assessment in a complex matter

Melbourne Metropolitan areas 2200


In other cities 2500


Courts in country Victoria 2500

Defendant hearings – pleading not guilty in court (for matters such as traffic cases, assault cases, drug cases )

Note: fixed fees are offered for less complicated cases only and applicable for your first court date and include a meeting with you, preparation and the hearing. 

The lawyer will inform you and provide fee estimation in all other cases after the first consultation.

Melbourne Metropolitan areas 5000

Bail applications

Melbourne Metropolitan areas 1500

Prison conferences and attending police stations for arrest, charges and interviews

Melbourne Metropolitan areas 500

8. Migration Fees – In Australia

We will give you a fixed fee after assessing circumstances in the first consultation

30 mts with Solicitor (for students only)


30 mts with Solicitor – basic visa/points eligibility assessment


1hr General advice


1hr with Solicitor – complicated matters


1hr with Solicitor and Counsel -– complicated matters


Note: hourly rate may vary depending on the seniority and matter  type (general indication only)
Note: We do not employ agents who are non-lawyers and our professional fees are in AUD and include GST

Skills Assessment

From  500 – 1000 (depends on the matter)

Student Visas

From  1100

TR (temporary resident 485 visa)

From  990 – 1500

General Skilled Categories Visas (GSM)

From  3300 – 5500

In a typical visa matter our estimated professional *fees are (including GST);
*Fees differ based on the complexity of the matter.

  • Skills assessment:
  • Visa application process (this will be paid in stages as noted below)
    • At the start: 880 (one on one conference, check list and advice)
    • Full and final assessment stage: 3300
    • EOI Lodging stage: 550
    • Visa Application Lodging stage: 770

To get a clearer understanding of our cost structure and when you need to pay including the t& c and about EOI’s please visit the links below.

Family , Parent & Partner Visas

From  1500 – 3000

Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) Five Year (Temporary) Visa – 1500

Employer Sponsored

From 3300 (visa application)
From 3300 (sponsorship, nomination and RCB application)

Reviews and Appeals

From  1100 – 5000.00(may vary on the matter) Complicated matters: up to 5000-15000.00

Visitor Visa

From 1000

Re applying for rejected Visitor Visa

From 1500 – 2000

Legal Submission

From 2200 or 3300 + (depending on the complexity)

9. Family law fees

Advise and Conference with client 1hr

220 – 330

Basic initiating letters to other side 

220 – 330

Perusal of documents and/or  reply

220 – 330

Negotiations and advice (without court appearances)

500- 1000

Divorce applications by consent (if court attendance is required 330 for half a day)


Complicated divorce matters

Fees will be indicated at initial conference

Financial/ property Settlement

 Fees will be indicated at initial conference – also see below

Family law – Financial/ property Settlement


  • Advising you on full financial disclosure, requesting full disclosure documents from the other side, negotiations with the other side and advice without any court appearances 2000 – 4000
  • parties formalise negotiated agreement in writing by consent orders, Preparation of Application for Consent Orders to be lodged with the Court (if required); Preparation of Consent Orders or Binding Financial Agreement; liaising with other side on the typed orders, amendments before lodging, and lodging with the Court; 2000 – 6000

Parties unable to come to an agreement

  • Sometimes parties are unable to come to an agreement and will proceed with their matter in Court (contested litigation).
  • For the preparation of applications (or responses), affidavit, and financial statement, our fees are 2000-3000
  • It may be possible for the matter to be settled at this stage

If contested litigation is commenced

  • Costs up to the first date on which we have to go to Court is 2500
  • Sometimes on the first date the matter can be settled
  • For Court Appearances, conference, negotiations, obtain further detailed instructions, to explain orders on 1st date within Courts to final settlement on the day – 8000 to 9000

10. Disbursements

In providing legal services to you, it may also be necessary to incur other fees, expenses and charges, including Court filing and issue fees, Barristers fees, experts fees, bank charges, travel expenses, stamp duty, courier fees, postage fees, long distance telephone charges and company and other search fees. These fees, expenses and other charges we incur on your behalf are referred to as disbursements.

We will charge you at cost for any disbursements we incur on your behalf. You must pay reasonable disbursements, including GST (Goods and Services Tax), incurred by us on your behalf either on demand or at the conclusion of this matter.

We may also request that you provide us with payment in advance of us incurring a disbursement on your behalf, if so these funds will be held in a trust account until payment of the disbursement is required. If there are disbursements to be incurred that are unusual, we will seek your instructions before incurring the expense.

11. Disclosure pursuant to the Legal Profession Uniform Law (LPUL)

We are required under LPUL and also it is our policy to inform you of (estimated) professional fees (in advance) when required.


a. Although we may have quoted you an estimated fee or a fixed fee, it is generally impractical and impossible to state with any degree of certainty the exact fees associated with a matter. Should additional costs arise, we will contact you via email to advise you of the costs associated with the service.

b. This estimate of total legal costs is NOT BINDING on us, as the work required may change, but is our best advice at this point in time. The estimate is based on our current understanding of the present circumstances of this matter. If the scope of this matter or your instructions to us change in a way that results in a significant change to anything we have previously disclosed, including this estimate, we will revise the estimate as soon as practicable.

c. The usual basis of our charges will be a fixed fee. At times depending on the nature of the matter we may adopt a combination and will be specially noted in the CA (Part B).

  1. We are able to give you a low-cost fixed price on this matter on the basis of the work we have noted on the cost agreement without the need for additional time consuming work and complexities.
  2. We have allocated a specific number of limited time duration for this matter and given you a fixed fee based on the specific work we have agreed/decided on at the time of the retainer based work we have noted on the cost agreement.
  3. It is our practice to provide fixed fees in matters but where it is impractical or exceeded the scope of work we will clearly indicate at a relevant stage an estimation or an hourly billing rate for those work.

d. In most instances it is impractical to quote a fixed fee in advance for the full matter, because, it is impossible to tell with any degree of certainty what work is going to be involved, however we estimate our fees and disbursements for each specific step before we undertake work and will provide to you in writing.

e. These costs will vary according to the complexity of the matter, the attitude and the conduct of the other parties, the issues that may arise and the stage at which a settlement may be reached. Our indicative fees are an estimate only of the likely costs and are not a quotation. Costs will vary for each matter and there may be circumstances that arise where the costs may be different to our initial estimates.

f. There may be occasions when we advise you that it is necessary to instruct experts such as Valuars, accountants, experts as well as legal counsel or specialists in particular areas. We will provide you with prior notice, their fees and seek confirmation of your instructions before engaging such experts.

g. It is usual in legal matters for each party to pay their own solicitor’s costs. We note however that the Court has the power to order one party to pay all or part of the other party’s costs as well as their own solicitor’s costs in situations where the court decides that a party has acted unreasonably, failed to comply with orders or directions of the court or refused to accept offers of settlement that were reasonable, thereby extending litigation and increasing costs.

h. Subject to you entering into a Costs Agreement with us, if and when relevant our charges are determined by time will be charged according to hourly rates charged in 6-minute units. For example, the time charged for an attendance of up to 6 minutes will be rounded up to 6 minutes and the time charged for an attendance between 6 and 12 minutes will be rounded up to 12 minutes.

i. All fees are in Australian Dollars.

j. All fee indications are estimations only and GST must be added.